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The Art & About gallery was established about ten years ago in Emek Hefer, in an industrial space that was converted into a large, unique and inviting gallery.

Over the years, Art & About has worked with and for the artists by presenting their works in a physical space, brokering and selling the works and professional personal accompaniment. Also, the gallery was an important focal point for art lovers who came to admire and purchase works of Israeli art at affordable prices.

In June 2022, we had to, with a heavy heart, close our space in Emek Hefer for technical reasons, and we decided to turn Art & About into an online gallery. At the beginning of 2023, our online gallery was officially opened, with a list of amazing artists and craftsmen that we are very proud of.

Our team consists of artists from various fields and avid art lovers and we deeply understand the needs of the artists, the difficulties they face and the importance of accompaniment and support in building a career in the art world.

These days we are working on the opening of our new gallery in Rithymno in Crete, out of the desire to promote Israeli art outside Israel's borders and expose our artists to wider audiences.

Art at a price not to be missed

This is the time to buy Israeli art at its best,

For consultation and purchase coordination talk to us 050-667-3603

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