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Art & About

The Art & About gallery was established about ten years ago in Emek Hefer, a rural area in central Israel, in an industrial space that was converted into a large, unique and inviting gallery. The choice to open a gallery in the suburbs and not in Tel Aviv, the artistic center of Israel, stemmed from various motives, the main of which is to establish a space that will be an alternative for artists, creators and art lovers from the center of the country who are interested in being part of a developed and rich creative community and exposing quality art to the local audience.


Over the years, Art & About has worked with and for the artists by presenting their works in a physical space, brokering and selling the works and professional personal accompaniment. Also, the gallery was an important focal point for art lovers who came to admire and purchase works of Israeli art at affordable prices. Over the years, the gallery has hosted many exhibitions, art and cultural events intended for the local audience, as well as private events where the participants were given experiences that combine art, culture and cuisine. We also held pop-up events and exhibitions outside our gallery, also in Israel and in different places in the world such as New York and Munich.


In June 2022, we had to, with a heavy heart, close our space in Emek Hefer for technical reasons. While searching for an alternative space for our gallery and after the Corona period which taught us all an important lesson in uncertainty and the power and importance of the various internet platforms, the decision to turn Art & About into an online gallery was self-evident and felt organic and accurate to us. We started working on the gallery's website - we learned, experimented, perfected, upgraded, and at the beginning of 2023, our online gallery was officially opened, with a list of amazing artists that we are very proud of. Our gallery advocates diversity and providing opportunities, therefore we work with artists who are at different stages of their careers, different backgrounds, different places and of course different mediums. We work with the artisans through a process of mutual partnership, aiming to emphasize the uniqueness of their creation and support them in the growth and development of their careers and of course generate maximum exposure for them and connections with potential buyers.


Our team consists of artists from various fields and avid art lovers and we deeply understand the needs of the artists, the difficulties they face and the importance of accompaniment and support in building a career in the art world. These days we are working on the opening of our new gallery in Rithymno in Crete, out of the desire to promote Israeli art outside Israel's borders and expose our artists to wider audiences. Our special space in Rethymnon will be a creative, colorful and inviting space that bridges Israeli contemporary art with an international audience and the global art market.


Lee-More Kohen

Lee-Moore Cohen, curator, entrepreneur in the field of art and social action, founder and manager of the Art & About gallery.
Lee-More began her career in the field of art when she returned to Israel after a long stay in New York, where she was exposed to international art and the huge potential of social entrepreneurship within the art world. Lee-Moore Cohen started her career as a producer of art exhibitions for social organizations. She served for 18 years as the producer of the main exhibition for the Committee to Fight AIDS under the auspices of Bank Hapoalim and Rani Rahab.
During years of social action in the field of art, Lee-Moore got to know the world of Israeli art and created deep professional relationships with many artists. From getting to know the artists and the desire to create a permanent platform that will support, empower and develop them, Lee-More established the Art & About gallery, the principle that guides her every step of the way is providing opportunities for artists and maintaining the basic values of respect for the artist and the creation. Over the years Lee-Mor has developed expertise and the ability to understand and satisfy the needs of both the artisans and the owners and to bridge them.
Lee-More is currently the director of the gallery and a full partner in all matters and things related to the artists and continues to initiate and develop this important project.


Architects and designers

An original Israeli work of art will give the final touch and statement to the space you

are planning

Whether it is a commercial space, a residential space, a hotel or a public space, with us you will find paintings and sculptures in various sizes, styles and prices that will suit your project

Presentation and sale of Israeli art

If you create interesting, original and quality art, are looking to be part of a rich and supportive artistic community and are interested in getting exposure and selling works, contact us

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