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Show your work at our gallery
located in the heart of Rethymno, Greece


Art and About’s physical gallery, opened last year, is located on the main street of Rethymno’s old town, a thriving tourist area brimming with restaurants, shops, bars, museums and entertainment venues. The space is charming and full of character, perfect for showcasing art and hosting events.

The main goal behind this venture is to provide a platform and exposure to talented, prominent international artists and support them by selling their works to tourists, architects, interior designers, and real estate entrepreneurs.


Rethymno is the third largest city in Crete, attracting around one million tourists every year. In recent years, Rethymno has become Crete’s real estate gem with many investors investing in buildings, hotels and apartments across the city.


At out space we curate group exhibition where all art is for sale for affordable prices. We provide consulting service to our clients who require guidance in purchasing works. Our team can then assist in assembling personally meaningful selections that align with the client’s visual preferences while harmonizing with the uniqueness of their interior spaces.

If you would like to show your work at our Rethymno gallery please contact us:

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